Spray your innovative future

with our handy battery sprayer       

For the first time, a homogeneous and fine spray pattern can be produced for conventional and newly created liquids in the fields of cosmetics, perfumery, hair care, body care, skin protection, detergents, household products, industrial supplies, paints, pharmaceutical products, disinfectants, oils, medical preparations etc.

The object of Prioft GmbH is the production and distribution of battery sprayers with patented spray heads on exchangeable vials. For the first time, these screwed-on nozzle heads nebulise sprayable, liquid substances with natural ambient air.
The fine spray mist is free of harmful, flammable and explosive propellants.

Due to the vacuum technology of the cordless sprayer, avariety of innovative products can generate a new market.

And all this thanks to a sprayer with

  • USB connection
  • equipped with differently filled, easily exchangeable vials.
  • reusable spray heads and vials




The future belongs to NICE UP®

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Prioft GmbH

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  NICE UP® spray system and fluids

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